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Block Bridge Hero

Block Bridge Hero is a puzzle game where the player must build a path through randomly generated levels using tetris block peices. Once a patch is created, the player takes control of the Hero. The hero can open chest, blow up rocks and collect prizes to help him escape the level.


The game supports keyboard and Xbox 360 game pad

Block Controls

Move - WASD / Left Stick
Place block - Space / A Button
Rotate block - Q,E / X,B Button
Hero Mode- Enter / Start Button
Window Resize - R / Y Button
Game Color - C / Select Button
Restart Game - Backspace

Hero Controls

Move - WASD / Left Stick
Place Bomb - Space / A Button
Open Chest - Space / A Button
Block Mode - Enter / Start


Move the teris peices to create a path for your hero. With efficient block placement and item usage, you will survive many levels. Open chests and collect prizes to give you more options to complete each level. If you find yourself stuck and unable to advance, press Backspace on your keyboard to restart game.Info:

version 1.2
Developed by Alejandro Robles - Happy Honu Games
This game was made for GBJAM 5. Uploaded to itch.io on Oct 8, 2016.


Hero graphic by: usr_share


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Block Bridge Hero v1.2.zip 3 MB


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Very nice game. I play this until lv 25 and i have to say, it makes really fun.

Have you ever thought about opponents in your game? :)

Hey Rohbert, once again, thanks for checking out my game!

Just came to see what you are doing here; looks like a really fun recourse managing puzzle game. Played it a bit with my Xbox controller and felt really good to control. Just a bit confusing using the start key to swap between modes (thought I had to use all blocks for the game to start in first level).

Also found a bug where you can walk out of the level by moving down at the start.

The color swap is a cool feature! Did you accomplish this with shaders? Also, which engine did you use to make this if I may ask?

Thanks for the feedback. I have since uploaded a new version fixing that bug among other tweaks. I actually am not using shaders for the color effect. I'm simply overlaying a colored transparent rectangle over entire view. Its crude, but gets the job done. I made the game using Gamemaker Studio.