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Super Bounce Cube PC Edition


Super Bounce Cube PC edition version is a puzzle platformer where you must navigate over 50 tricky levels to reach the exit. You must bounce off walls and swap color blocks to traverse each level. Controls are simple, but the challenge is great. You can unlock new skins and trails for your character by collecting Rainbow Stars and Race Medals. The game also features 15 achievements to unlock and has 2 language settings.


The game supports keyboard and Xbox 360 game pad

A Key / A Button - Jump
L Key / X Button - Swap Blocks
Escape / Y Button - Pause/Open Menu

Game Modes:

Adventure Mode
In this mode you must navigate each tower while avoiding obstacles and collecting Rainbow stars.

Race Mode
In Race Mode you must complete each level quickly to beat the clock. Speed boost items are added to each level to maximize your speed.

Marathon Mode
In the final mode, you must complete 30 levels back to back with no break without dieing. Compelte this ultimate challenge to unlock the final prize.


Developer Commentary

Coming Soon


version 0.993 - Beta
Developed by Alejandro Robles - Happy Honu Games
Uploaded to itch.io on May 11, 2018.


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SuperBounceCubePC_993.zip 34 MB


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Hey I was wanting to try out your game, but it looks like I can't download it through the itch app.  It just says "not available for windows" where the download should be.  It works fine if I download it through chrome.  Just figured I'd let you know that people using the app can't download it.

Thanks for letting me know. I think I fixed the problem. I will try to download it myself and see if it works. Let me know if you can too please. Thanks.

Yup, looks like it works for me now.  Thanks for making the change.